Sunday, 28 October 2007

Poker neglect

Sorry for the severe absence of posts but I have been so busy lately, Flights all booked up and hotels sorted for St Kitts and money put aside for all the side events, cant fucking wait, not long now! by now im sure everyone has noticed that all the Eyesight accounts have disappeared, its not because we are not playing, but we are using several different aliases at the moment and it seems to be working, obviously people kno that Tom is KingTommo and a few people know that i occasionally use another account called Megan_Fox I might as well tell you as ive done an interview for Clinton Orchards blog, which he recently published and i put it on there :> plus im now using soooo many diff accounts now it doesnt really matter if ppl kno a few lol. anyway this weekend thurs/fri/sat/sun myself and Tom won the £1250 gtd tourney at 12pm 3 times out of 4 which was quite cool and thought was worth a mention, apart from that not much else of any interest, hence the no posts, but a steady flow of wins in the GTD's etc and some nice live wins

I dont even know why i bothered posting this as none of it is of any interest lol but feel free to check my interview with clinton and post something nice :>


Saturday, 22 September 2007

Back from Turkey and playing OK

As i sat on the plane, homebound in the early hours of this morning, I wondered how my week without any poker contact at all would affect my game. My confidence certainly needed a boost as this was one of the rare occasions that I doubt myself and my talent.

Tom was still in bed when I arrived back home and was laughing, uncontrollably, as he showed me his sharkscope form graph from the last week which showed a dive the likes of which Jurgen Klinsmann would have been proud to own. He'd lost the best part of £2,ooo on single table and FL cash games between Weds-Fri and had yet managed to break even for the week.......My opinion of my brothers behaviour is that he needs to learn to recognise when he is in a tilting patch and step away from his lappy or P.C

Anyhow, I regained my confidence and put to rest any self doubt I had this afternoon with a string of pleasant results, once again in the DEEPSTACK 3rd from 30 runners (£120.00) then 2nd in the 1200 euro's GTD from 70 runners (£250.00) I also was being a cheapskate and played the qualifiers for the $20k GTD which i progressed at first attempt and I qualified for the 550 euro buy-in satellite the the world series of poker or EPT event along with Garfy (Mihay Manole) 18 runners 1st place gets a £10,000 package to a tour event of his choice, I went out early after being out-housed and Mihay has just finished 5th.

Not a bad day, around £350.00 up and glad to be back

GL at the tables,

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Jim Jim the low stakes king!!!

Due to work, evening commitments and the fact that Tom (KingTommo) is chasing the GCSOP2 I have only been playing a maximum of 3 tournies a day in the afternoons; THE DEEPSTACK, the 1200 euro's gtd and the £1.5k gtd yesterday I was home early enough to play the DEEPSTACK and won it for the 3rd time in a row (not 3 days in a row though) Although im pissed off to not be playing many evenings, these fun afternoons are financially ok! lol.

Here are some results from these 3 tournies in last week and a half;

DEEPSTACK- played 5 times, cashed 4, 3rd, 1st, 1st, 1st
1200 euro's gtd played 9 times, cashed 4 8th, 6th, 3rd, 3rd
£1.5k gtd played 9 times, cashed 3 8th, 2nd, 1st

not bad for a bit of fun, GL,

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Another Caribbean seat won and a good run in $20k gtd

This weekend was the 3rd set of TLB 1-50 CPC qualifiers me and Tom have played in, May we won a seat to CPC then june we came 4th, just missing out on another, but saturday we managed to win another CPC package!!

We are currently trying to find out if we can sell our spare room at the marriott hotel in st kitts, so if anyone is interested plz drop me a line.

Also had a nice run in the GCSOP $20k gtd HH last night, collecting 11 heads $798.00 in heads and $1522.00 prize for 4th place from 160 runners our AJ was no match for KJ all in pre flop for a massive chip lead!!!! :< nevermind

Also an apology to Denlizliz if u still read this, as, during a drunken game of whack a mole, we single raised Q6 UTG flop Q2Q Den bets we flat call turn 6 Den goes all in, we call, Denlizliz shows 22 (house 22QQQ) we are holding (house QQQ66) apologies again m8


Friday, 7 September 2007

Slow and steady

Im not finding time to play as much the last couple of weeks, but had a night in tonight and have just finished the $2500.00 gtd tourney, in which i placed 2nd from 140 runners and has left me about another £450.00 or so up for the day after cashing the NTX £2k gtd and another £1.5k gtd, so not a bad end to the week.

I really wish i had time to play and properly chase some of the promos that are on at the moment, such as, all the TLB boards and GTD final table leaderboards, but unfortunately I have a full time job and thus cannot compete with players such as CUTEMOFO and Lee27015 etc. Please dont get me wrong, great players but there are a few such as these that have all day everyday to attack the promotions and just lately it has got me to thinking whether or not I should take a couple of weeks off and try it myself? what do u think, leave comments.
I have played 3 evenings so far this month with 6 final tables and around £1200 profit, Matt (CUTEMOFO) made 51 final tables last month and his best result was a win in one of the $5k gtd's maybe some practice required at the business end of the tournies eh Matt?? ;) lol just thought it was worth a mention as ive never seen anyone make so many ft's in one month! There's a record for you to chase Mihay!!

anyway GL to all and as i mentioned feel free to leave your comments.


Wednesday, 5 September 2007

1st tourney win for a week!!!!!

You wait ages for a bus and 2 come along at once!, The same is true of my tournament wins today, having had the most terrible week and a half of poker all year, i finally had a good day yesterday! I got home from work with around 4 hours to spare before i had to go out and so decided to feed my addiction i played the DEEPSTACK £22+2 event and with only 13 runners i won fairly comfortably, doubling first hand when my 66 flopped a house 644, the prize pool was very small but £150.00 is better than fuck all.

I also decided i had enough time to play the £1500 gtd event which had 78 runners, I played very steady poker all the way through and i only put my chips in the middle once before the final table when COSTY pushed a 9 high flop when i was holding KK, he had JJ but missed, I controlled the final table, which seemed to be full of 1st timers nervous to be in the money and not wanting to play hands, which i duly exploited, (a quick hint to you beginners, avoid phrases like '' well played guys good luck all'' and before final table '' come on guys1 more and were in the money'') this just shows people that you are not used to cashing tourneys and shows a possible weakness, it may, as a result, mean you are subjected to more raises and heavy pressure, best thing to do is say nothing, remember people are always looking for your weaknesses.
Back to the comp then, lol, I ended up Heads up against the worst player i have ever come across, the phrase 'candy from a baby' springs to mind. I collected the £468.00 1st prize and was on my way round t the girlfriends for an evening of whinging, nagging and general boredom :>

You will all notice that Eyesight: will no-longer be around (for the time being anyway) but if you check all the usual leaderboards you may find an unfamiliar name or 2, could 1 of them be me???????

Monday, 20 August 2007

new account rocks and bro wins $20k gtd

Firstly as Tom has closed his blog down, due to tossers hurling abuse, id like to say a massive well done to him who, after taking control of the computer for the entire weekend, on the first to wake up gets it rule, he won the $20k gtd on saturday night i sat with him for the last hour and a half and i have to say he played some stunning poker! the most enjoyable part was to see him chip counted 3:1 heads up and after doubling on a set of 3's completely dominated and had (midnight) eating out of the palm of his hand, credit to midnight though, he is a very strong and talented player, but Tommy was just buzzing. well done again........and thank you for the £1k ;)

Secondly although i havent played for 2 days my new 'secret' account has been flying and earning me a healthy amount of money, it was set up initially as a bit of fun to throw £100 or so around with no-one knowing who i am, however i have managed to turn that fun £100 into more than £1,000.00 in less than 48 hours, so i will play the remainder of this week on Eyesight for the tlb top 50 spot and then have a go at making some more moves with my new account, anyone know who it is yet???

4th NTX thurs, 2nd in 2 1.5k's fri as well as winning the DEEPSTACK and 2nd in the $2500 gtd but do you remember who she was??? she only played 7 tourneys so far................................but she will return.